Finally got round to migrating from the old WordPress site at to an all new shiny site using Hexo hosted as a static site in Azure Storage from

It was a “fairly” painless process.

Setting up the site with Hexo

Make sure you’ve got Node.js and Git installed.

Install Hexo with the following command

$ npm install -g hexo-cli

Run the following commands

$ hexo init <folder>
$ cd <folder>
$ npm install

Migrate posts and media

  • On the WordPress site dashboard, go to Tools > Export
  • Click on Export All, download the ZIP file and extract to a folder

Install the hexo-migrator-wordpress plugin

$ npm install hexo-migrator-wordpress --save

Run the following command

$ hexo migrate wordpress <source>

Where source is the file path or URL to the WordPress export file.

You’ll need to do some tidying up of the posts and linking images

Publishing to Azure

Once you’re happy with the posts, you need to generate the static site in Hexo

$ hexo generate

Publish the public folder to Azure Storage in Visual Studio Code (You’ll need to have the Azure Extension installed)

  • Right click the public folder
  • Select the Deploy to Static Website…
  • Select a storage account or create a new one
  • Enable static website if requested
  • Wait a while for files to upload
  • When finished you’ll be shown the site link

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